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Afghan Development and Innovation Bureau (ADIB), is an ongoing project of Creative Youth NGO. ADIB work to encourage women entrepreneurship and self-employment in Afghanistan. We believe women need to learn to find their value not only in their family but also in their society. Beside that companies being involved in ADIB have to take a part in ADIB program for girl’s education. Underlying ADIB work is the importance of encouragement of women for entrepreneurship and self-employment and organizations in fostering educational and economic progress. ADIB aims to ensure that it empowers the working women and by bringing together startups, employers and investors to set labour standards develop self-employment and devise programs. The very structure of ADIB, where business owners and related civil society together have an equal voice for a delightful future. ADIB encourages its goal within its constituents and member States by promoting an economical structure between business women and local investors in formulating, and where appropriate, implementing the self-responsible mentality on social, economic, and many other issues. ADIB accomplishes its work through three main bodies (The International business empowerments organizations, the private sectors and the local investors) which comprise self-employment, economic development and girl’s education. ADIB is also supported by committees of experts on such matters as vocational training, management development, occupational safety and health, industrial relations, education, and special problems of women and young business owners.

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