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Business Ideas Development: We invite newly graduated students, business women, and others to bring us their business ideas and we work with them to develop those Ideas. (Pictures) Trainings:

We ask related national and international organizations to train our teams in their working field. TFBSO is one of our partners. Establish Businesses:We find local and international investors for the best and most promising business ideas and help the team to establish their businesses.

  • Naqsh-e-Aria is the name of an artistic group three girls established by cooperation of ADIB Organization in the beginning of 2013. Naqsh-e-Aria includes the youth who academically acquired art from Fine Arts Faculty of Herat University. The creative, energetic and perseverant youth, who have studied and worked together, came up with the idea to establish a group in order to show their artistic talents.

  • Afghan Pars started as our engineering team of ADIB, after developing their business idea ADIB help them find investors and now they are running a successful business. This is a construction company with their idea of building, architecture, Decoration and other building related designing. A team of Civil Engineering recently Graduated students from university.

  • Behroz Majidi who is working as Head of media in ADIB, come up with the idea of 50/50 fast food. ADIB helped him develop the idea and find resources now 50/50 is one of the most successful fast food in Herat and just opened a branch in Kabul.

  • Arasta is a unique business idea in clothing industry in Afghanistan. This idea will be implemented within a project with the support of Afghan Development and Innovation Bureau (ADIB). Once in the implementation phase, the members of the project will be encouraged to expand this idea into a company.