Homeless refugee: Every winter ADIB hold an event to support homeless refugees who are coming from other city to Herat. Celebrating the holidays: We celebrate holidays like Eids, New Year, and spring with street kids of Afghanistan.

Helping Students with their Education: We helped more than 100 students with their school expanses via our sponsor Families from Europe and US.

  • While we are warm near our stoves at our lovely houses there are people who are homeless and need our help in the cold weather of Afghanistan. These people were force to move from their city due to lack of equipment and coldness of their original place to Herat. It’s part of our responsibility to take care of these displaced people. ADIB members helped from their pocket to these people and managed a public help gathering of warm clothes and some blankets for them. 

  • Bibi jan is a widowed who lost her husband in Iran. She has four kids that three of them lost their eyesight after turning age 8. Sunil Rajan and Tincy Maroor support this family with the kids’ education and health and help their expanses.

  • She was five when her parents got a divorce. Her Father has mental disease and always was hurting her Mother so she got a divorce. Her sister and she are living alone all day when their father is at work, now she is a poet and her sister paint this is how they let their emotion goes away. Gulsum is 12 now and in this age she cooks, wash cloths and does all heavy work house.
    They live in the worst condition as their father do not earn much and do not let their mom to visit or help them. They contact me because they cannot afford to pay for school and they want me to help them.

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