Portals are gold shipping containers that offer immersive audio-visual technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in another container live, full-body, and the two of you converse as if in the same room.

Portals have already connected Herat to the rest of the world from December 2014  to now.

Since the launch of Portals in December 2014, thousands of people have carried on private, 20-minute conversations with strangers from the other country responding to the same prompt: “What would make today a good day for you?” People spoke about their hopes for their children, ailing relatives, dinner plans, pollution, dating, and much more. Participants came out weeping, giddy, and everything in between. After leaving the Portal, participants wrote about their experiences in a gold book. Hundreds of moving descriptions are available on our website.


ADIB is very delighted to run this useful and reliable project in Herat. From June 5 - 21, the Herat Portal will be connected to downtown Washington, D.C. It will be open from 3:00PM - 6:00PM AFT. You can reserve 20-minute sessions to talk with a stranger in Washington. for RSVP Visit Website


Visitors enter Portals one-at-a-time and carry on a private conversation with a person in the other location. Translators at one side or the other are available to assist as needed. All interactions in the Portal are private and not recorded unless both sides wish otherwise. The Portal can be used for off-hours reservations for longer stretches of time, enabling artists, students, or academics to converse or collaborate.


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